Petra BTS + Video

The ” No gym, No Problem” series continues and I linked up with my slime Petra once agaiinnnnnnn. Had about an hour to shoot and did the most with it!

Gopro POV W/ Jessica

Picked up a GoPro 8 and did a POV workout test with Jessica. Came out ok for the first run through, next time will be better. This video is added in the “Video” section as well on the website. 

Dani Boxing

Honestly, both me and Dani are not sure how we found each other on social media. In the end it all worked out to a certain extent. Found a cool rooftop to shoot on BUT it had just rained. The floor was wet so we were limited to what we could do…anddddd about an hour into the shoot the rain picked back up and we had to wrap it up.  Video up on the” video” portion of the site. 

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