Futuristic Shoot W/ An Jing

Been wanting to shoot with An Jing for yearrrrsssssssss. We finally got a chance to get together and shoot at a cool studio location with lots of LED lights. Used a few different filters for the video portion and it came out better than I expected. 

Outdoor Fitness W/ Kat

Kat was in town for a few days and we figured out a day that worked best for both of us. The photos came out great but the video was even better! Peep her flow!

DTLA W/ Marsella

Always a good time and good energy when me and Mars link up. I believe this shoot was done right before the Amanda shoot. She had time to stop by as we killed a little bit of time before my shoot that was later in the day.

Dance Shoot W/ Nicole

Definitely looking foward to linking up with Nico in 2024. We did this shoot back in 2021? Man, how time flies. She showed up with hella energy and a variety of looks. We hit up a few spots around that city that matched the vibe of the wardrobe and made the best of it! 

Golden Hour W/ CD_Connect

Saw this location randomly one day driving through South Park and knew that if we were able to catch it at the right time of day the lighting would be match perfect with the tones of the building/environment. Turns out we were right :) 

Loft Music W/ Amanda

Linked with Amanda for our first of many shoots at a Loft in DTLA. I want to say we shot 3 total looks. Timed it perfectly with the sunset to get some good tones. I’m blanking because this shoot was so long ago but I believe it was shot on Portra 400. IG @frances.in.frame

New Year, Who This!?!?!?

Ayooooooo! Is this thing on!? Alright, long story short, social media has changed sooooooo much since I last updated this blog! With that being said here’s what we’re going to do. Youtube is cracking down on censorship and Instagram as of right now is flagging me for photos of women in bikinis! I got the vimeo back up and running, so we’re going to use that for the uncensored videos and I’ll be using the blog for uncensored photos. It seems as if it doesn’t matter if its artistic or not, if the algorithm/AI bots aren’t fuckin’ with you, they aint fuckin’ with youuuuuu *Big Sean Voice*

All good! Better to spend time and energy on solutions than complain about things we can’t control! Time to get this blog back up to speed with past photoshoots and videos! 

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